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commercial and brokerage activities for the supply of products in the wood-building sector: wood products, floor and wall coverings, interior finishes. our know-how is the result of constant research to obtain an appropriate knowledge of materials with the aim of being able to offer quality products together with efficient and qualified assistance
Up-to-date design combined with product quality and the need to be competitive within an ever-changing market.a determined choice and action, focused on the main needs of customers, a fundamental principle for maintaining a correct collaboration plan.expertly set offers to convert each proposal into a successful action.
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When the conditions are right, our organisation is able to brand one or more product lines and manage the development and promotion of the project together with the customer.
With the aim of increasing our own and our customers' business, we promote B2B sales on-site and, with the help of a dedicated web platform and outsourcing mandates, B2B sales online.
Our suppliers manufacture their products with the use of advanced technology and skilled labour and in full compliance with international legislation. All items, provided with certifications, are compatible with the standards required by EU regulations.
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Our offer is aimed at the sector operator who wants to maintain a balanced and sustainable situation of his warehouse without altering the economic/financial quality of his business. Our offers are economically sustainable and are developed to maintain an efficient and long-lasting partnership.
Precise planning of purchasing operations, which can also be carried out in groupage mode, and an efficient logistical organisation, make it possible to optimise costs and pass on an appreciable economic advantage to customers, without sacrificing the fundamental principles of independence, quality and security in purchasing.
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Offering our clients a combination of attractive propositions that serve a mutual interest and through transparent relationships turn each transaction into an exciting opportunity to develop the brand and its related business.
Even in the most complex situations, we are able to offer an efficient service, always in line with our management protocol.Our logistical organisation guarantees safe transports and punctual deliveries.We choose our partners from those who offer the best performance in terms of dynamism and professionalism.

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